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custompullips's Journal

Custom Pullips
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Welcome to custompullips! This community is a place where pullip fans can discuss customized dolls, and show off their own creations. This community is brand new and under construction, so for now we just have a few basic rules. These rules can change AT ANY TIME, so please check back and make sure you're following the guidelines.


1. You do not have to be a customizer to join this community. It is for ANYONE who loves custom pullips.

2. Sales posts are allowed.

3. Do not be rude to other members. If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. If the mods feel that you are being cruel to another member, you will be warned ONE TIME, afterwards you will be banned.

dollz0rz Founder/Mod

thefallofspring Co-Mod

Please direct any questions and/or suggestions to one of the mods. :)

Pullips are Love!