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22 November 2011 @ 11:15 pm
I want to customize a doll really bad, but this will be my first custom and I'm not sure who to use. I would like to customize either a Pullip or a Dal (mostly Pullip though). I wan't to find a good deal though, because I will be doing a fair amount of customizing (new wig, elf ears, faceup, eye chips, etc.). So pretty much, I am looking for the cheapest doll I can get. If anyone has any suggestions or tips they would be much appreciated. Thanks :)
25 April 2010 @ 10:41 am
Hello everyone! :) I am new to this community and just to let you all know I am looking to buy a few cheap custom pullips :) If you are selling a cusom around $60 Please let me know I will most likely buy it off you thank you and keep me updated :)
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14 August 2008 @ 07:12 pm

I'm trying to raise funds to buy a D.O.D Shall.
All prices below are not including shipping, Maximum shipping charge is £6.40 to UK and USA. If you think i have charged unreasonably then make me an offer I only accept PAYPAL payments.

Good As New Timulus wig £5

Good condition Long 7-8 inch silver wig. With Bangs. £9

£1.50 each
sorry for the blurry pic :/

Pullip Outfits - SOLD
Crazzia body - SOLD
Crazzia Wig - SOLD
Timulus body - SOLD
Crazzia body - SOLD

Thanks for looking.
11 August 2008 @ 03:23 pm
I have a question:
What do you use to do tattoos on pullips?
07 July 2008 @ 12:42 pm
I have offtop.
Can you help me and tell an answer to very strange question?
Can you tell me is it possible to pyt Taeyang head (face) to Pullip DAL body or may be other women body?
I want to have men face and women body? Is it real to change?
Or it is difficult to make by myself?

Thank you!
Full Custom Crazzia feeler, Raphia Custom for sale and Withered re-root Custom for sale.

Find more photos and information’s here; http://tashayarna.livejournal.com/4241.html
15 June 2008 @ 12:22 am
hello, im new to this group.

this is my custom pullip, i dont have a name for her yet, she's just going by star.

What i've done so far:

-New earrings
-New faceup
-New eyes
-New eyelashes
-Second hand wig(From Lisa_Ann* *on flickr*)

this is my only full pic of her at the moment, i have somemore on my flickr
For Sale: Custom OOAK Wolf (Kakashi from Naruto)!!!

Pictures and more information under the cutCollapse )
23 February 2007 @ 01:16 am
I have a custom Cornice that is up for sale. I am currently accepting offers. You can email me at CustomDolls@gmail.com .

A little info about the doll:


She used to be a Cornice which I did the following:

Straightened the hair, which is nice & soft!

New eyelashes

Full repaint using mixed media of acrylics & pastels, except for the eyelids which remain factory.


22MM Eyeco Acrylic eyes (water sapphire). Eyes move side to side & still blink.

Wig is velcroed onto scalp.

All her earring are still attached to her.

Doll will come nude with stand, box & card.

I hope you guys like her! She was ALOT of work to do! My Ebay ID is Custom-Dolls just incase you want to read my feedback :P

Shipping is $7 for US.